About Us

At Homeview TV, we will not only supply your new TV, we can also supply various types of wall brackets and fit as required, as well as repair most makes and models.

How can we help you? Does your TV need repairing? Are you thinking of buying a new Television? Do you require help with choosing the right LCD/ LED or Plasma TV? We can offer our expert advice to help you with these tough decisions in fact, we can provide you with a full service from purchase to an optimised viewing set-up. What should I do? Our advice is free, so please don't worry about hidden costs or sign-ups over the phone.

Robert Faulkner is fully qualified to offer the best professional visual services. Simply call or email us with your requirements We will listen intently to your needs and provide you with a solution and/or advice at a convenient time will be appointed to carry out our service. Sit back and enjoy.